Past Recipients

Our May 2022 gift recipient was the Sharon Springs Sharing is Caring program for children. a group of school faculty and staff volunteers providing support for needy children of Sharon Springs. This can include additional food, holiday dinners, winter coats and other clothing needs. The group also provides medical assistance for children in need and at times will help with tuition costs for students taking college courses in high school. Plans are already made for our donation – bringing dental assistance to the school site for kids who need healthcare. In a surprise development, one of our local businesses matched the donation made 100 Women Who Care! Congratulations to the Caring is Sharing community group – Here’s a short video of the welcome the kids gave us when we announced our donation.

Click Here to Watch Caring is Sharing Video

In February 2022, 100 Women Who Care made their quarterly donation to the Junior Youth Program of Canajoharie. The program provides after-school activities and day care for younger children in the area. Congratulations to the kids!

Congratulations to the Gloversville School District’s Children’s Backpack program that received the November 2021 gift from 100 Women Who Care. The Backpack Program provides a backpack full of food to cover meals during weekends and holidays for children who need assistance.

At the August 2021 online meeting of 100 Women Who Care a group decision was made to donate to the Johnstown Food Pantry. The food pantry has seen a 40% increase in need during the pandemic months. Currently located on Market Street in Johnstown, the organization will be moving across the street when renovation of the One Church Street building is completed in 2022.

August 2021 Recipient, Johnstown Food Pantry

Johnstown Food Pantry

February 2021 Recipient, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Hometown Association

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Hometown Association


November 2020 recipient, Mountain Valley Hospice

Mountain Valley Hospice Website


August 2020 recipient, Fulton County Regional SPCA

Fulton County Regional SPCA

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February 2020 recipient, NOAH Free Community Meal

NOAH Free Community Meal

Nov 2019 Veterans Community Housing
November 2019 recipient, Veteran & Community Housing Coalition

Veteran & Community Housing Coalition

August 2019 recipient, Captain Community Human Services

Captain Community Human Services Facebook Page

May 2019 recipient, HFM Choices Program


HFM Choices Program

Ayres Memorial Animal Shelter Website

Haven of Hope Website